Discover the wonders of Montenegro, a captivating destination that offers an array of delights to satisfy every pleasure seeker. From majestic highlands to serene streams, from the allure of blue lakes to the crystal-clear Adriatic waters and expansive beaches, this country has it all. A heaven for outdoor enthusiasts, the perfect setting for your adventures.

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With all arrangements in place, all that remains is for you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and the charm of local attractions. Montenegro welcomes you to indulge in unforgettable moments, worry-free.


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The horizons of the lakes and flavours of the wines

Embark on an unforgettable wine tasting bike tour through the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro. As you pedal along scenic routes, your senses will be treated to panoramic views of Montenegro's picturesque horizons and Lakes. The journey takes you through charming villages, Lakes and vineyards, each stop offering a unique perspective of this stunning region. Indulge in the finest wines Montenegro has to offer, as you pause at local wineries nestled amidst the beauty of the landscape. Sip on a diverse selection of wines, from rich reds to crisp whites, expertly crafted by passionate vintners. As you continue your leisurely bike ride, the scent of blooming vineyards and the gentle breeze will accompany you, making the experience even more enchanting. With every pedal, you'll uncover hidden gems of Montenegro.
Self-guided bike tour, Guided bike tour
286.0 km
6 days / 7 nights
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70% of the Earth’s surface

Experience Montenegro like never before with our bike hire adventure! Get ready to sweat your way through challenging trails as you explore the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro . If you're up for a workout with a view, grab a bike and get ready to pedal, pant, and laugh your way through the ultimate Montenegrin biking adventure!
Self-guided bike tour, Guided bike tour
245.0 km
5 days / 6 nights

Types of tours

Self-guided bike tour

Our tour, hotels and facilities but no tour operator or group - all at your own pace

Guided bike tour

For the rider who enjoys sightseeing tours. Plus, the peace of mind of travelling with a Tour Leader: they guide the group along the route and are informed about all things local; they are also there to help if necessary.

Private tours

You can add to, reduce or modify our services

Our Bikes

Balkan Bike

Balkan-Bike electric bikes are mountain bikes with aluminum frames equipped with sensitive hydraulic brakes and Shimano or Sram gears, a powerful battery and a motor. Also: on-board computers, comfortable seats, comfortable grips, USB port for charging your phone, Maxxis Ardent tires, which are ideal for the roads of Montenegro. Regular bikes are also available for all our tours.



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